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New favourite movie: Roma(2018)

I consider Roma (2018) by Alfonso Cuarón to be a beautiful piece of cinema and a delicate yet ravishing story of humanity. It shows a slice of life of a raw simplicity yet it is so powerfully able to inspire empathy. There’s very much to admire about this movie including it’s visual splendour. My favourite…

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In praise of bad break-ups

“I heard you once say that a lie is sweet in the beginning and bitter in the end, and the truth is bitter in the beginning and sweet in the end.” (xtc – dj koze) A positive but maybe not so good idea of getting over a break-up is to romanticize the idea of it, like shampoo…

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Love is an organ in our bodies

Love feels so physical sometimes that I can imagine its shape, texture, color, vascularisation and innervation, like it is a real organ in the human body. I bear witness that it can be the most powerful  one. It produces a large scope of derivates of the spirit molecule, the divine one that was released into…

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