Short letter on the past days

We recently had a patient with a tumor of the lacrimal gland, that gland upper to the eye  that helps us weep when we cut an onion, some bug gets into the eye or we’re succumbed by the human sadness. It’s close to the brain so the patient already had brain metastasis. I wonder how on earth can you get cancer of the lacrimal gland, how is this life any fair.

As a medical student, I spend most of my days surrounded by patients, ill people or learning about the illness and the multiple ways in which life can fuck you over. A pleiad of modalities to make your healthy body not be able to jump, walk, love, make love, enjoy things, dance or not be aching. I hear about so many diseases that the probability to not get one seems very low. How could this machinery called body work optimally all life long?


And I’m wondering… if I would find out today that maybe death is closer to me than I previously thought, would it somehow change the way I live life?

Mono no aware is a concept coming from Japan, mono meaning “thing” and aware “surprise” (that ohh of life). So mono no aware would mean that ahh of things, of love and life. From wikipedia: “Awareness of the transience of all things heightens appreciation of their beauty, and evokes a gentle sadness at their passing.”

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