Another side of anger

In psychology, it is believed that anger is not a primary emotion, but that there is always another feeling that gave rise to it. It is widely admitted that anger means selfishness. If this is the case, then running away might be the best option. But let me go down the rabbit hole and briefly describe another side of anger.

Anger is painted in red and black. It has a force like a burning flame, it is passionate, but most of it, it’s a feeling of sadness, of despair. Anger has a horrendous face: it takes away the beauty of your features. It waits for you to love it even with the make-up off.  Anger has a shrill voice, it speaks rough words that cringe you just to hear them, it uses ‘never’ and ‘forever’ and spells them with brutality.

But this anger might just hide a long period of despair, of waiting but of unmet needs, of loving but feeling unloved, of caring but feeling uncared, of feeling disrespected. Anger can be a black hole of suffering.

And maybe, we just need the most love when we are unlovable.

Of course, this is just another facette of anger. But today let us know more about it: .

the artidote
Copyright: Giyotin Fanzin

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