Valentine’s Day: the world as a mirror to ourselves

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There is a theory in psychology about characters, a “Mirror Theory” which might explain why we got so irritated by other people or why we like them so much:

When we observe and analyze the behavior of other people we actually unconsciously see ourselves in them and what we see is shaped by our own personality. When we observe flaws in other people and we criticize them, we are irritated by them because the very same issues are unresolved within ourselves. What we notice in others is actually what is inside us.

I take this with a pinch of salt but if there was a lesson to be learned from mirroring, then I think it’s that this should work nice as an exercise for empathy towards others and of self-reflection and forgivness towards ourselves. This might be the most cliché thing that’s written in magazines for women, but if The Mirror Theory it’s true, then this is the logical intrinsic consequence of it: loving ourselves first and being understanding and forgiving to ourselves might take us one step closer to being more understanding towards each other. 

In the end, we humans might be more similar then we’d like ourselves to admit. Hence the best would be to give ourselves some self acceptance. Hence I wish you for Valentine’s day a bunch of self love!

Ron Gilad 12 from “IX Mirrors” exhibition – 2012


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